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This is MORE than just a list of hair brands that I use regularly here at HairBeeNatural...


This ebook is a 23-page guide which will TEACH you how to shop, mix, and style crochet hair of ANY brand.  New crochet styles are constantly circulating as they trend; one day the hair is in production, and the next day it is out.  Annoying right??


Learn how to identify & categorize different curl patterns to never again be stuck trying to figure out what hair you need to get the look.  Whether you're a crochet DIY'er or  a well lubricated crochet stylist machine, this catalogue is sure to take the guesswork away from even the most experienced crochet braid lover.  Once you know how to shop brands, you will never again be disappointed when your favorite hair goes on backorder!


Oh! And OF COURSE I list all my favorite brands along with photos of the packaging.  You can find my favorites by looking for the small Bee icon on each page! Thanks for supporting a small business... email and let us know what you think!


*Wefted crochet hair types are not included in this book.  This is for bulk crochet hair only.  My wefted crochet service is a new one, and is still being developed and perfected.  Information for wefted crochet hair brands used has not yet been curated.


*Please note that this is digital material and once purchased, is NON-REFUNDABLE: no exceptions.  Purchasing this e-book is your legally binding acknowlegement & acceptance of this policy.  Please email prior to purchasing if you have any specific questions about the contents of this e-book.  We will do our best to answer.

What hair is that?: Masters Guide to Navigating Crochet Brands

$59.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
  • This is a 52MB pdf file.  If downloading with a cellular device, make sure you have enough space.  I recommend downloading to a desktop or laptop.  Convert it to a zip file to conserve space.

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