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I.  Terms & Conditions

A.  Last updated April 12, 2022

B.  Prices, services, and hours are subject to change at the discretion of HairBeeNatural Inc. with or without notice, but not retroactively.

1.  Hair & product is included for all styles. However, if you have specific products of preference, feel free to bring them to your appointment!

C.  All services include shampoo services.

D.  Unfortunately, no extra guests are permitted unless also being serviced. Children are not permitted; certain salon tools and equipment may pose safety risks for children. This is an adult only environment for enlightenment, education, & relaxation.  We reserve & protect our right to ensure the safety and comfortability of all guests. Seating is only available for those being serviced (apologies in advance).

E.  A debit/credit card on file is required to book any service.  It is ONLY charged in the event of a no-show for half of your service total.

F.  Our primary method of contact is text.  You may text our scheduling line to inquire about rescheduling, cancelling, late arrival, modifications, pricing, location, etc.  Our secondary method of contact is email.  You may email us at with any questions or concerns.

G.  We do not accept PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, Apple Pay, Google pay, or any other money transferring apps.  We accept final payments in CASH ONLY!


II.  Scheduling

A.  Our current scheduling system works by request via online scheduling.

B.  Please be aware that individual appointment slots may be requested by multiple clients at once but are granted to first deposit received.  After a deposit is received for an appointment date/time, all other requests with unpaid deposits are declined.

C.  If you prefer a specific stylist, stop here, and email us at Appointments are automatically scheduled with the next available stylist who provides that service.

D.  From our service list, select the service(s) you’re interested in and submit an appointment request.  While we review your appointment request, your appointment will remain in pending status.  For your request to be moved into accepted status, you will be required to send us the following: 

1.  Service Agreement

The Service Agreement is a one-time requirement.  We require one on file for every client. Take a few minutes to thoroughly read, initial, and submit.  Save a copy for your records.

2.  Consultation

a)  All new clients require a Virtual Consultation prior to scheduling any appointments, which is conducted via Zoom by appointment. 

b). Returning clients may do Digital Consultation via text on the scheduling line.  We may request current photos of your natural hair, and any other important hair/scalp information such as allergies, scalp conditions, bald spots, thinning areas, etc. 

c). Please remember to send us your color preference(s) for your appointment.  You can add this to the appointment notes during booking, or via text on the scheduling line.  If we do not receive a color preference, default color 1B will be used for the install unless we have other stock options available at the time of service.

3.  Deposit

A link to pay your deposit will be sent to you via text only after we confirm that we have a signed Service Agreement on file.  This deposit is due immediately upon receipt of the link, and failure to submit in a timely manner could result in loss of your requested appointment date & time, requiring you to request a new one.  Once we receive your deposit, your appointment will be accepted; you will receive notification via text AND email.  


III.   Payments

A.    All sales final no exceptions or refunds.

B.    All deposits are due immediately after receipt of deposit link, and failure to submit in a timely manner may result in loss of your requested appointment date/time, requiring you to request a new date/time.

C.    Once we receive your deposit, your appointment is accepted, and you will receive notification via text AND email. 

D.    Final payment of your balance is due at appointment time, after shampooing/conditioning & before the start of service in cash only. 

IV.  Notifications & Reminders

A.    All reminder emails & texts are generated by our automated booking system.  For all appointments, confirmations and reminders will be sent via email to the email address and via SMS to the phone number you provide.

B.    At this time, we urge you to double check that you input the correct email address and phone number. We also ask that you ensure that your inbox is not full and that you can receive emails/texts at this address.  To be safe, we recommend adding ‘’ to your email address book.  This will ensure that our emails are not flagged or sent to your spam folder.  Please contact your email host (google, yahoo, work, etc.) for instructions for doing so.

C.    Do not unsubscribe, opt out, or spam any of our emails or texts. Our automated system will not be able to deliver important information to your inbox.

D.    Please do not share the salon address with anyone. We are a private salon with select clientele. We do not take walk-ins; we accept appointments by invitation only.  Any client found in violation of this may be banned from future services.

E.    Exactly three (3) days before your appointment, you will receive a request from us to confirm your attendance via text.  That text will include a copy of the next section of this agreement for your convenience.  You are required to respond to that text within 24 hours by clicking the attached link, thus confirming your attendance to your appointment.  Failure to do so may result in loss of your appointment time/date, requiring you to request a new one.  This is considered a reschedule, your deposit is transferred to your new date/time, and you will not be permitted to transfer your deposit a second time.  *Please refer to Section VI for our Rescheduling Policy*

V.  Appointment Preparation

A.    Our only hair prep requirement is that hair be thoroughly combed out prior to arrival. If your hair is prone to shrinkage, please section hair after detangling into no more than 8 braids/twists/cornrows to minimize tangling and breakage.  A nano-steam bath, shampoo, scalp massage, and deep condition with fresh aloe is included with your service. 

1.    Extremely tangled (matted) hair will incur extra fees for detangling services.  This includes our handmade, organic, plant-based detangling gel used during the service. 

2.    We will also need to downsize your style to account for the extra time needed to detangle.

3.    Extensive tangling/matting requiring more than one hour of labor and one batch of detangling gel is then switched to a full detangling service ($100/hr)

4.    If you anticipate that you will need help with detangling, we recommend booking/requesting a full detangling service prior to booking any other services.  This is usually most beneficial after long term wear of individual protective styles such as faux locs, knotless braids, or twists.  A full detangling session cannot be added to another service after it is booked due to time constraints.

B.    Paid parking is on rising sun avenue and is usually abundant. Download the 'meter up' app to pay for parking in-app. Zone 970205 is for parking out front (same side only). Free parking is on any residential side street but is not abundant! If you intend to park free, we advise that you come early!

C.    No extra guests, no children. Seating is only available for those being serviced.  All others will be denied entry (apologies in advance).

D.    Hairstyling isn’t an exact science; installation times are estimates.  We service a variety of different textures, lengths, and conditions. In addition, we are a team of multiple stylists who sometimes work at different speeds. For this reason, it is not uncommon for appointment times to run over or under time. We advise against scheduling appointments close to time sensitive events or obligations.

E.    We value your time.  When possible, we will contact you via text 1-2 hours before your scheduled appointment to update you if your appointment start time will be delayed. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner regarding time adjustments.

VI.  Rescheduling Policy

A.    Deposits only guarantee your original appointment date/time.

B.    Exactly three (3) days before your appointment, you will receive a request from us to confirm your attendance via text.  Any requests to reschedule must be submitted before this text is sent.  Your paid deposit is transferrable one time per deposit. 

C.    Any rescheduling request will require a second deposit which is also deducted from your balance.

D.    HairBeeNatural Inc. Is not responsible if a desired date cannot be found on the calendar at the time of rescheduling. 

E.    Cancellation/no-show of any rescheduled appointment date results in the forfeiture of both deposits and incurs charges to the card on file equal to half of the service total.

VII.  Late Policy

A.    We begin welcoming clients at 9am.  Please knock upon arrival; we keep the doors locked at all times for safety.

B.    Please arrive on-time for your appointment.  Punctual clients receive rewards stamps, which accrue to earn free gifts, products, and discounts (See your BEEwards card).

1.    Bring your balance in cash only.  To ensure time for full services, we recommend planning to withdraw funds prior to arrival; we may not have extra time in the schedule to accommodate a trip to an atm. 

C.Late arrival subtracts from the time it takes us to provide you a full service.  After a complimentary fifteen-minute grace period, you will incur the need to downsize your service to fit into the remaining appointment slot.

1.     A late arrival will require a less versatile crochet install, larger braids, shorter locs, etc. to account for time lost

2.    This does not affect your remaining balance; it remains the same


VIII.  Cancellation/No-show Policy

A.    An appointment cancelled before the 48 hour window preceding it will not incur charges equal to half the service price, however does forfeit their original deposit unless it is rescheduled within the parameters set forth in Section V (Rescheduling Policy) of this agreement.

B.    An appointment cancelled within the 48 hour window preceding it will incur charges equal to half the service price, forfeits their original deposit, and may result in banishment from future scheduling.

C.    A no-show is any upcoming appointment which is both unconfirmed and unattended.


IX.  BEEwards Program

A.         At appointment time, sign up and receive your BEEwards Card
B.         Accrue select number of stamps to earn select free services, products, gifts, and discounts!
C.         Ways to receive a stamp:

1.    Arrive on-time to your appointment

2.    A friend schedules an appointment & names you as a referrer

3.    Leave us a review (link in follow up email)


X.  Privacy Policy

A.    Last updated: October 03, 2021. 

B.    This Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you schedule services through any of our online platforms.  This includes but is not limited to your Email address, First and last name, Phone number, Photos and videos of your hair, Usage Data, and Your social media handle(s).

C.    HairBeeNatural Inc. may use your personal information , To provide and maintain our services, To manage your account, To train/educate staff/students, To contact you, To provide you with news/special offers/general information about other goods/services/events, To attend and manage your requests to us, and for promotional purposes.

D.    Contact Us If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy by emailing


XI.  COVID-19 Policy

A.    In exchange for being permitted to enter the premises of HairBeeNatural Inc. for hair care services, I agree to the following as described in this service agreement

1.    I will follow all of the instructions of the Business while on the Premises, including wearing a mask, washing hands for 60 seconds immediately upon entry or hand sanitizing.

2.    I agree not to enter the premises if I am experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, shortness of breath, or fever, have a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or have come in contact in the last 14 days with a person who has been confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19.

3.    I am aware of the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 and the risk that I may be exposed to or contract COVID-19 by being on the premises and receiving hair care services.

4.    I acknowledge that I am voluntarily entering the premises to receive hair care services with knowledge of the danger involved. I hereby agree to accept and assume all risks of personal injury, illness, disability, or death related to COVID-19, arising from my being on the premises or receiving hair care services, whether caused by negligence of myself, HairBeeNatural Inc., or otherwise.

5.    I hereby expressly waive and release any and all claims, now known or hereafter known, against HairBeeNatural Inc.  and its owners, employees, affiliates, and officers, on account of injury, illness, disability, or death arising out of or attributable to my being on the premises or receiving hair care services, and being exposed to or contracting COVID-19, whether arising out of the negligence of myself, HairBeeNatural Inc., its owners, employees, affiliates, officers, or otherwise.

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